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Finding Area using Trigonometry

Area of a Triangle - Finding the height using trig  (by RightAngleTutor) (7 min)

Area of a Parallelogram - finding the height using trig  (by KariMcSherry) (3 min)

Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Area of a Parallelogram

Area of a Triangle

Area of a Trapezoid

Area of a Kite  (go to the 6:00 mark for an example)

Area of a Trapezoid - various examples  (by The Organic Chemistry Tutor) (10 min)

Finding the area of a Kites  (by rreese78) (7 min)

Finding the base of a Triangle using the Area (by Melissa Kondrick) (3 min)

Finding the base of a Trapezoid using the Area  (by LawrenceAcademyMath) (2min)

Finding the length of a diagonal given the area of a Kite.

Properties of a Parallelogram, and Special Parallelograms: (Rhombus, Rectangle, and Square).

Properties of Parallelograms (Jeff Nelson) (10 min)

Properties of Rhombuses  (Jeff Nelson) (8 min)

Properties of Rectangles  (Jeff Nelson) (8 min)

Squares, Rectangles, and Rhombi  (Yaymath) (15 min)

Finding missing angles in a Quadrilateral (note: a Trapezium is what they call a Trapezoid in Europe) (8 min)

Properties of Special Parallelograms (Rhombus, Rectangle, Square)  Properties of Kites (go to the 5:40 mark on the video)  Trapezoids (Go to the 7:00 mark on the video) (by MooMoo Math) (12 min)

Properties of Kites and Trapezoids

Properties of Kites (Jeff Nelson) (6 min)

Properties of Trapeziods (Jeff Nelson) (3 min)

Naming Quadrilaterals

Naming Quadrilaterals (goes with HW#1) (Khan Academy) (5 min)

Classifying Quadrilaterals using a Venn Diagram  (by "Art of Problem Solving") (10 min)

Applying Trigonometry

Find the Height of a Non Right Triangle  (youtube video)   <---- this one explains the theory, but does not have concrete examples

Find the Area of a Non Right Triangle (youtube video)       <---- this one uses a formula and skips over finding the height

Find the Area of a Triangle using Trigonometry (youtube video)  <--- this one breaks a triangle into pieces and puts part together

Finding a Missing Side Using the Law of Sines

Finding a Missing Angle using the Law of Sines

Law of Cosines (YayMath Video)

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