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We are now working on our final video project. For the juniors, use this clip for the iMovie practice:

One-shot Suitcase video -- mp4

Upload 1:23 minute this clip into iMovie and creatively edit it so that it is no more than 45 secs long.


Final Assignment desciption


USEFUL LINKS - you may have to access these at home?

How to use iMovie YouTube vid

How to write a script 1

How to write a script 2

Free sounds/mp3 files 1 - need to register with email, but free

Free sounds/mp3 files 2

There are other videos and web sites, but these will get you started.



The film terminology handout from class is here: Film Terminology.


Videos that we have seen in class that are useful for studying film terminology or just for thinking about how to talk about film. These are all links to YouTube videos:

Good basic review of film terminology: Cuts and Transitions 101

Another good basic review vid: 15 Essential Camera shots, etc....

Another good basic review of camera shots, etc.: Using Powerful Camera Angles and Shots for Filmmaking.

  • The above link is from a YouTube channel "D for Darious" - a young film maker with good advice - I strongly recommend the channel

Video about Foley Sounds Effects: The Magic of Making Sound

Apply editing terminology to animation: Satoshi Kon - Editing Time and Space

  • The above link is from a YouTube channel "Every Frame a Painting" -- I strongly recoment this channel!

A Scott Pilgrim movie analysis: Scott Pilgrim: Make Your Transitions Count

The fun of spotting continuity editing mistakes!


Other interesting stuff:

The first publically presented movie: The train arriving at the station -- The audience was scared about being run over.

One of the first full feature movies to be shown, maybe the first: A Trip to the Moon, Georges Melies, 1902

Hitchcock's Dolly Zoom technique

Movement Direction on screen: Interesting!! 

Yeah, A Mojo list, but not a bad one: Top 10 Modern Directors

The Most Beautiful Shots in Movie History -- good for remembering that the frame is an essential element of movie making. The list is biased towards more recent movies, BAH!!


Twilight Zone Videos to annotate



Key concepts about media literacy

Syllabus for the class