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Site Council Minutes
May 21, 2015

Washburn Site Council Minutes

Members in Attendance

Rich Flint
Virginia de la Riva
Brad Peterson
Margaret Richardson
Tom Arneson

Rebecca Felland Syring
Mike Wedl
Tristen Lindemann
Rhonda Dean
Peter Grul
Steph Smith

Guest: Jeanne Massey



Virginia and Rich opened the meeting.

Principal Dean discussed a personnel issue that recently came to light regarding a teacher who has been dismissed. It was discussed and an action plan was decided to inform parents and any media inquiries.

Site Council Update:

Site Council bylaws will be open for review for another few days. Mike Wedl has accepted the Site Council co-chair position with Virginia de la Riva for the next 2 years. Outreach by the co-chairs and administration team will begin to recruit more parents of color and special ed parents onto the Site Council. Two students and an additional teacher will be added as well.

Discussions will continue about the possibility to change the time and or location of Site Council meetings as well as adding childcare, food and transportation.

Leadership Updates:

Budget - Washburn was asked by the District after budget tie-out to reduce the budget by  2 FTE. Washburn chose to eliminate the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) director as well as not take some of the services offered by the District. The reductions were structured to minimize the impact on students.