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MCA Testing Schedule


The timeline for administering the MCA’s is March 9-May 9. The schedule below is designed to provide our students the opportunity to prepare and take the test.  Be aware of the short timeline.

  • Wednesday, March 4: Junior Class meeting (during ESO)
  • Wed-Friday, March 4-6: Juniors Class preview exam specs (during Soc. St. classes)
  • Week of March 9-13: Juniors take MCA Math test
  • Week of March 16-20: Juniors take MCA Science test

1. All MCA exams must be taken in a computer lab (hard wired).  It will take a week to administer the exam(s) to an entire class of students.

2. Our juniors will be taking the ACT exam on April 28.  Taking the MCA math and science exam(s) in March allows our juniors to have a break between their major exams.

3. We lose the last two weeks in March for Finals week and Spring Break. So we either test in mid-March or our juniors are challenged with taking the MCA Math, Science and ACT back-to-back in April. This followed by IB and AP tests in early May.

4. The additional challenge to waiting until after Spring Break is that we still have to administer the MCA Reading exam to all sophomores. 


Although these exams are not graduation requirements, they do reflect on our school.  Please encourage your students to take these exams seriously.  These are the test scores that are printed in the newspaper and have a direct reflection on how the community views the learning that occurs in our school every day.


Sophomore Reading MCA schedule:

  • Wednesday, April 8:  Sophomore Class meeting (during ESO) - tentative
  • Wed-Friday, April 8-10:  Sophomore Class preview exam specs (during English classes) - tentative
  • Week of April 20-24:  Sophomores take MCA Reading test