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Meet 3

Meet 3 is on Monday, December 9, 2019 at South.

3A – Systems of Linear Equations in Two (or on occasion three) Variables
Numeric and literal systems
Relation to graphical procedures
Word problems leading to such systems
Systems of inequalities used to define a region in the plane
Determinants   or   Determinants
Area of Triangles using Determinants
Solving a System of Equations using Determinants

3B – Polygonal Figures and Solids
Special quadrilaterals and regular polygons (including area formulas)
Intersecting diagonals
Ptolemy's Theorem
Polygonal prisms & pyramids (including volume and surface area)

3C – Trigonometry
Law of sines, law of cosines
Inverse functions and their graphs

Solving trigonometric equations
De Moivre's Theorem and the roots of unity
Method to remember common values on the unit circle

3D – Exponents and Logarithms
Use of fractional, negative exponents
Simplifying expressions involving radicals (including denesting radical expressions... this is tough!)
Solving equations involving radicals
Use of logarithms; identities involving logarithms
Solving logarithmic equations
Relationships between logarithms to different bases