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Meet 4

Meet 4 will be held on Monday, January 13, 2020 at Southwest.

4A – Algebraic Manipulation
Factoring (including x3 + y3, x3 – y3)
Sums, products, quotients of rational expressions
Solving equations (including radical equations) involving these skills, but ultimately solvable by factoring or the quadratic formula (but no complex roots)
Rational exponents
Simplifying radical expressions
Function notation and variational dependencies

4B – Circular Figures and Solids
Central, inscribed, tangential, and exterior angles
Power of a point (chords, secants, tangents)
Interior and exterior tangents of two circles
Intercepted arcs
Area of circles, sectors, circular segments
Cylinders, cones, & spheres (including volume and surface area)

4C – Miscellaneous Topics
Sequences: patterns and recursion formulas, arithmetic and geometric sequences
Series: partial sums, formulas for 1+2+…+n, 12 + 22 + … + n2, 13 + 23 + … + n3
Function notation; factorial notation and Binomial Theorem

4D – Analytic Geometry of the Conic Sections
Using the standard forms of equations of the conic sections
Graphs, including the location of foci, directrices (plural of directrix), and asymptotes
Use of properties of conics to solve applied problems, including max-min for parabolas