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Meet 5

Meet 5 is on Monday, February 10, 2020 at Roosevelt.

5A – Puzzle Problems (20 minutes)
Word problems, one or more variables
Max-min problems not requiring calculus
Problems found in "brain-teaser" type books
Logic puzzles, including the use of Venn Diagrams

5B – Congruence and Similarity
Ratio and proportion
Segments intercepted by parallel lines
Identification of similar/congruent figures
Ratios of areas and volumes
Elementary trigonometric ratios

5C – Counting and Probability
Permutations, with and without replacement
Combinations, with and without replacement
Using the principle of inclusion, exclusion
Using the binomial and multinomial expansions
Nonnegative integer solutions to x1+x2+...+xn = b.
Definition, simple applications of probability (when to multiply, when to add)

5D – Variations of Problems appearing on the previous year’s AMC 12 (contest A and B)

AMC 2019 Contest A
AMC 2019 Contest B