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Mid-Year IB Art Show

Quarantine Canyon

Would you like to get a peek into the IB Visual Art Classroom?  Although the physical classroom is empty (except for Ms. Cassidy and class mascot Crunch, the dino-dragon) our virtual classroom is full of art and ideas!

In place of our usual Winter Art Show, IB Visual Art students have opted to share their artwork in a web-based Mid-Year IB Art Show.  All students in the second level HL2 class have shared one or more pieces on a Google Site we created together.  Some first year SL and HL1 IB Visual Art students chose to share a piece of artwork and explanatory text as well. Please enjoy the students' beautiful work -- and finally see what we've been up to for the last few months:

Plans are in the works for our Spring IB Visual Art Exhibition.  Whether it is virtual or in person, it will be a great experience for students to plan their own art shows and share them with families, friends, and the whole Washburn community.