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Site Council Minutes
Sep. 18, 2014

Washburn Site Council Minutes

Present were: Staff members Rhonda Dean, Principal, Nilo Guanzon, Assistant Principal, Rebecca Felland-Syring, Peter Grul; Co-Chairs Rich Flint and Virginia de la Riva; Members Tristen Lindemann, Jennifer Lindquist, Margaret Sullivan, Paul Pena, Martin Abrams, Michael Wedl, Tom Arneson, Brad Peterson, Steph Smith, and Lisa Quist (acting secretary); Guest David Genrich 

Everyone was welcomed and introduced themselves.  Rhonda shared a little bit about her background as Principal of Andover High School for 6 years, Wayzata High School Assistant Principal for 11 years and positions at South and Wilder Fundamentals in Minneapolis.  She is thrilled to be back in Minneapolis and here at Washburn.

We are going to try to keep the meeting to 1 ½ hours.

Site Council Role and Bylaws:
Our role is support and partnership.  We are an advisory committee so the school is not accountable to us.  In our meetings, ideas are floated and discussed, input is given and we use “fist of five” to indicate support and preferences to ideas.  We do not vote or mandate.

See bylaws handout attached to this email.  We will discuss and approve next meeting. Co-Chairs are working on getting another teacher and an additional couple parents of color for the Site Council.

Washburn-Ramsey Space Discussion:
We broke out into small groups to capture ideas, rumors and concerns.  There is not favorite plan at this time.  Rhonda and the Principal at Ramsey are being asked to spreadsheet the possible plans with pros and cons to submit to the district for their decision on it. 

We all agreed that our ideal would be to have grades 9-12 in the same building.  Some suggestions included building additional classrooms at Washburn, having some classes at Ramsey, or having a Freshman Academy at Ramsey.  We passed along these brainstorms to Washburn administration.  We will get future updates from Administration once there is more information.

Leadership Updates:
Rhonda has asked for feedback from all constituents and the topic of rigor was in the forefront. Rhonda presented a model from her experience at a prior position called “Rigor Relevance Relationships”.  She also discussed our new attendance policy designed to keep kids in the classroom learning, grading scales and equity issues, job shadowing for seniors, common syllabi and other best practices

Next Meeting: Our next meeting is October 23.

Michael Wedl volunteered to be the point person to work with Media Specialist John McCreary to get our minutes etc. on the website. 

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Quist, acting secretary