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Mountain Biking Team
The Washburn High School Mountain Bike Team was founded and thrives based on a passion for cycling held by it’s athletes and coaches. The team was established in 2012 as part of the new state wide league. The Washburn team welcomes riders of all experience levels. Many of the riders come to the team as beginners. The Washburn Team has focused on having the riders have a positive experience. It is our hope the riders will developed into life long cyclist and see cycling as a part of a long healthy life. This simple approach of passion for cycling and encouraging positive experiences as it turns out has been very successful come race day. Washburn last year was fourth in the state as a team with many riders winning medals and standing on the podium during the season.
The Racing calendar is comprised of 5 races taking place in September and October. The races take place in locations all across Minnesota. The team starts it’s training year in June with the annual Cuyuna Training camp and has practice three days a week during summer. The Cuyuna training camp is a weekend of camping and riding at the Cuyuna state park in Crosby Minnesota. We also host a training camp in Colorado in August. We spend a week in colorado riding in the desert and mountains. The long training season and camps are designed to help the kids be fully prepared physically and have the skills needed to have a safe and successful season. 
There are two coaches on the team:
Please feel free to contact the coaches with any questions.
To join the team please go to  and click “join the team”. Then email one of the coaches and introduce yourself. 
The team meets at Washburn in the mall area on Mondays, at Bryant ave south and the midtown greenway on Wednesdays and at different metro trail locations on Saturdays. please contact us for more details. 
Go Millers!