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Nancy Lee Receives Honorable Mention at Tony Awards

Nancy Lee

The Tony Awards® and Carnegie Mellon University announced that Nancy Lee, director of arts programming at Washburn, has received an Honorable Mention as part of the 2016 Excellence in Theatre Education Awards. Lee was selected from 1,100 applicants from across the U.S. for leadership in building a thriving performing and visual arts program at Washburn. The award honors dedicated professionals who discover talented students, nurture and inspire them, and help launch their lifelong journeys as theater supporters and professionals. The 2016 awards include one winner, two finalists and 20 honorable mentions. “We are so proud of Nancy Lee and the strong arts program she has been instrumental in building at Washburn,” said Rhonda Dean, principal of Washburn High School. “We are truly fortunate to have Nancy as part of the Washburn community. She brings her passion for teaching, music and theater to the classroom and to students. She brings in a very diverse group of students who come together lifting up their voices.” Washburn’s Theater Arts program started with a handful of students when Lee joined Washburn in 2008. Her leadership has helped build a thriving program and helped hundreds of students find their voices on stage. Nancy Lee's award was featured on CBS Local:

Nancy Lee is being interviewed June 16th, around 5:45 a.m. on the KARE-11 Sunrise show, talking about supporting kids in the arts and her Tony Award honorable mention for the Excellence in Theatre Education award.