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Site Council Minutes
Feb. 19, 2015

Washburn Site Council Minutes

Members in Attendance

Rich Flint
Virginia de la Riva
Margaret Richardson
Tom Arneson
Martin Abrams Rebecca Felland Syring
Mike Wedl
Jennifer Lindquist
Rhonda Dean
Margaret Sullivan
Peter Grul

Virginia and Rich opened the meeting.

Site Council Update:

Virginia and Rich opened the meeting in the robotics team room. The robotics team is preparing for their competition at the U of MN. Millerbots started in 2008 and now has 5 girls and 20 boys under the tutelage of Peter Grul and Mark Le Feber. The Millerbots have gone to nationals 3 times and in 2014 received the imagery award and the safety award.

The robotics team operates under the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and FRC (For Robotics Competition)

The team has 6 weeks to build their robot to complete the same challenge as other students across the world. Robotics includes learning teamwork, hands on engineering, creating a business plan, community outreach, fundraising and many other skills.

High School Action Plan Team

Acceleration 2020 sets the goals of 5,8,10. The HS action team is working on validating best practices to increase achievement for all students. 5 areas have been identified:
● rigorous, relevant curriculum
● Personalized learning
● freshman academies
● multiple pathways to graduation
● learning hubs

Site Council Bylaws
Need to review and tweak the bylaws to meet the new District Site Council policy. Site Council has worked in the past to increase the diversity of parent participation to include more participants who reflect the population of the school. To help make serving on Site Council easier, adding childcare, food, transportation and time changes are being considered.

Marketing Plan:
Martin Abrams is working with Zeus Jones and Principal Dean to create a marketing and image plan that focuses on key areas at Washburn including rigor, relevance and relationships.

Zeus Jones will bring these areas to life visually including a newsletter template, powerpoint template. Students along with Nancy Hinz will work together.

Leadership Updates:

7 period day - the administration and teachers are making plans to create a schedule that works for the building including teacher prep, collaboration and additional classes. Teachers are being asked their preference on how the day will be changed. 50 or 55 min classes adding 20 minutes to the school day. The school will have to hire additional teachers and special ed SEAs. The extended day will not start a zero hour.

AP Literature for 10th grade will be added with 124 students and a summer reading list. There will be more safety nets for students including scaffolding, tutoring and maybe ESO

Data Day - teams will meet after school to look at students data and collaborate on increasing students achievement. The common syllabi will be implemented throughout the school.

Next Site Council meeting will include MCA data

Be sure to attend the Battle of the Bands!