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Site Council Minutes
Nov. 20, 2014

Washburn Site Council Minutes

Members in Attendance:
Tom Arneson, Nilo Guanzon, Peter Grul, Rebecca Felland - Syring, Margaret Sullivan, Paul Pena, Rich Flint, Tristen Lindemann, Lisa Quist, Mike Wedl, Jennifer Lindquist, Rhonda Dean, Margaret Richardson, Virginia de la Riva, Brad Peterson, Martin Abrams, Rae Burkhalter

Students: Lulu Bauermeister and Haley Maus
Guests: Amanda Abrams, Jeanne Massey

Rich Flint and Virginia de la Riva opened the meeting.

Martin Abrams gave a brief overview of the results for the informal Washburn Parent Survey conducted last spring. (the survey overview is attached).

Key findings:
Overall Washburn is on the right track with some areas of improvement
More 9th and 10th grade rigor and a 7 period day are needed
Better communication on IB pathways
Athletics - sharing of financial resources and marketing promotion across sports needed
More frequent updates on progress toward goals
Improve Washburn’s website navigation, teacher classroom pages and parent portal updates
Enforce drug policies

With regard to parent engagement and the survey, the conclusion was that different means of getting input are needed. Bringing the survey to the parents we want to receive input from rather than just sending it out, doing the survey throughout the year rather than just once, the need to consider literacy and non English speaking populations were all suggestions.

Principal Dean updated the Site Council on:

Common syllabi and standards based grading

When rigor is increased, then more focus needs to be placed on what a grade actually means. As a staff, best practices in grading are being reviewed with an eye to equity for all students. The grade itself should be made up of summative (knowledge mastery) and formative (knowledge acquisition and practice) with an emphasis being on summative. Encouraging students to show their mastery of knowledge by allowing students to demonstrate knowledge multiple times rather than only on one test at a specific time. Department teams are developing rich, consistent grading practices across courses based on best practices on what works to increase student knowledge and content mastery.

7 period day

Nothing official has been decided on a 7 period day or an extended 7 period day (preferred). In the absence of a decision by the District, the plan B is to offer a more robust group of zero hour classes before school or after school classes. Teacher would shift their school day to teach either starting from a zero hour time slot through a 5th hour or from a from a second hour through a 7th hour time slot. However, this plan complicates the ability of teacher to meet after school to collaborate on things like the Common Syllabi. An official decision will be announced hopefully shortly.

Facilities and Capacity

Washburn has experienced a significant growth in its student population with another 150 students anticipated by 2016. Short term, some ideas for relieving the space issues that are being explored are temporarily to move the WRAP / SPAN classes to Ramsey. That would open 4 - 6 classroom spaces.

Principal Dean and a group of parents will meet with District facilities planning staff to participate in a facilities visioning process.