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Site Council Minutes
Oct. 23, 2014

Washburn Site Council Minutes

Members in Attendance
Tom Arneson, Nilo Guanzon, Peter Grul, Rebecca Felland - Syring, Margaret Sullivan, Rich Flint, Tristen Lindemann, Lisa Quist, Mike Wedl, Jennifer Lindquist, Margaret Richardson, Virginia de la Riva, Brad Peterson, Tom Arneson

Virginia de la Riva opened the meeting with a welcome to all present. Principal Dean is attending the Woman’s Soccer quarter finals in S. Cloud so could not be at the meeting.


The bylaws were distributed for review. A change was made to allow students to sit on Site Council offering their perspectives on key issues. It is still being decided how and how many students will be selected.

The bylaws will be revisited in November or December to reflect other suggestions Site Council members have.  Please send suggestions to

Site Council members voted unanimously to adopt the changes to allow student representatives on Site Council into the bylaws.


The new administration would like to change the ‘Close the Gap’ subcommittee to a ‘Family Engagement’ subcommittee. The change reflects the new administration’s goal to find strategies that can be implemented within this school year.

Some strategies that were mentioned were:
Making sure all parents are signed up for the parent portal and are checking it
Increasing the CPEO attendance and address the Hispanic / Latino and Somali families
Reassessing how we communicate with families and possibly including email, text, facebook and hard copy mail
Increasing the Parent Council attendance and broadening the parents who attend

Margaret Richardson, Jennifer Lindquist and Mike Wedl volunteered to be on the committee.

SIP (School Improvement Plan)
The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) as well as Rich Flint and Virginia de la Riva are working on the SIP with Rich and Virginia will represent parents perspective. The SIP will have goals and strategies for the school as well as teachers and include details on how the budget will support them. It will be more of an active plan rather than a document that is drafted and then shelved. The goals will include increases in reading, math and ACT scores. The Family Improvement Plan (FIP) will also be referenced for family engagement. The SIP also includes references to Title 1 spending and results.

During curriculum night, the State of the School as it relates to Title 1 spending was delivered. Another full school review will be renamed and delivered to the school community and stakeholders later on in the year.

Building Capacity & Planning

Washburn has 1470 students for the 2014-2015 school year. It is expected to receive and additional 200+ students by the 2017-2018 school year. The plan that was approved with the MPS District’s enrollment plan was for Washburn to share space with Ramsey. No functional plan was created, just the idea that Washburn would be able to use the excess facility capacity at Ramsey to relieve class size at Washburn. The middle school numbers are being held firm at Ramsey because the excess building capacity is supposed to serve Washburn students. This plan is being revisited with the MPS District facilities planning team in a series of 4 meetings being held through the end of December.

7 Period Day

The possibility to implement an extended day, 7 period day is still being considered by the School District. Funding was one of the key drivers of the decision to deny Washburn a 7 period day for the 2014-2015 school year. 

Next meeting, November 20, 2014.