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Parent Council Meeting Oct. 5th @ 7PM New Location



Washburn High School's Parent Council 

Our Mission:

1.     Support and provide open communication between students, parents and staff and administration.

2.     Build community within the school, and enhance the relationship among the school, parents and the wider community: and encourage the community’s investment of time, energy into Washburn High School

3.     Seek out and express the voice and spirit of our school community

4.     Fundraise for Parent Council projects. (i.e. Senior party, Appreciation dinners for staff, Welcome Night, Fall Festival, Landscape Committee etc.)

5.     Create a welcoming and vibrant school community


Guidelines for Parent Council meetings:

1.     Washburn Parent Council will start and end on time. We will meet for 1 hour the 1st Sunday of the month

2.     We have an agenda. If you have a topic you would like to add, please contact the meeting organizer one week before the meeting – he/she will add you to the agenda

3.     Only one person speaks at a time

4.     Honor the limitations of time, speak concisely

5.     We’re all volunteers – please respect everyone and do not dominate the conversation

6.     There will be a “parking lot” for topics not on the agenda. In the event we go off topic you will be asked to hold that thought until it can be added to a future agenda or can be discussed after the meeting