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Prerequisite: Advanced Algebra

Grade: 10-12

Course Description: This is for students who have completed Advanced Algebra and have an interest in advanced mathematics. Pre-Calculus concepts are necessary for many postsecondary fields. In this course, students will solve and graph polynomial and trigonometric functions, work with exponential and logarithmic functions, solve problems involving sequences and series, and use probability and statistics. This class provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of topics from the past and presents new topics that are foundational for math beyond Advanced Algebra. There is not an IB Exam associated with this class.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Instructional methods include lectures, group discussion, and individual investigation. Assessments include tests, quizzes, homework, projects, and semester final. 

Recommended Background for Success: This is recommended for students who have passed Advanced Algebra and are looking to continue working with mathematics. The use of a graphing calculator is important.

Pre-Calculus Syllabus (2017-18)