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Psychology Overview

Welcome to Psychology!  

This course is a one-semester survey course that covers the following topics: experiment ethics and methodology, human development and learning, social psychology, psychological disorders and treatments. Other topics may be added as time allows. Homework is minimal for this course given that it is a survey elective.


Supplies Requested:

  • Notebook or binder with one section dedicated to psychology.
  • Pen and pencil


Advice from Past Students...

Below is the top advice given to students in Psychology from students who have studied it with me before:

1. Be on time to class and do your assignments on time. Ms. B's really understanding so ask ahead of time if you need an extension.

2. Participate in discussions. Don't be afraid to get to know new people.

3. Ask for help if you need it. Even if you don't need help, ask questions.

4. Have fun, but also know when to get serious.

5. If you try and do everything you're supposed to you'll probably get an A in the class.