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It is important that you avoid using translation tools such as Google Translate. Google Translate does not understand context and therefor often gives one an incorrect translation. If you use Google Translate to complete it will be very obvious to me and will likely result in you needing to redo the assignment.

Instead, I strongly recommend that students use the site Word Reference to search for vocabulary. Word Reference gives one a lot of information about a word. It will tell you the part of speech and give you examples of how to correctly use the word.


Duolingo is a wonderful tool for acquiring new language skills. When you register for an account you will complete a pre-test. The pre-test will allow you to begin the program where you are at in your language learning journey. Duolingo is also available as a free app. I recommend students use Duolingo for 10-15 minutes everyday as a supplement to the learning we do in class.