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Return to In-Person Learning - Updates

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WHAT WE KNOW RIGHT NOW (updated 3-15-21)

  • Families Can Choose: you have the choice between returning to in-person learning or staying in distance learning; you need to inform the district of your decision by March 9th by taking the MPS Survey

    • If you do not take the survey, your student will be automatically registered for in-person learning, so that the district has time to organize meals & transportation. 

    • Families may make a change either way after starting if the first choice doesn’t work for your student. It will be much easier & faster to move from in-person to distance than it will be to move from distance to in-person.

  • In-Person Structure: We will be using a hybrid model based based on the number of students who want to come back in person. 

  • Open Campus: We are going to allow open campus for lunch for all grades which means students will be able to eat outdoors if they choose. 

  • Extracurriculars: Activities will resume for sure by Quarter 4, perhaps sooner. 

  • Transportation: Transportation will be provided in the following ways:

    • Students who qualify based on income or living more than two miles from the school, can request a Metro transit Go-To Card. Cards will only be printed for those that submit a Go-To Card Request Form. 
    • Families who don’t qualify for educational benefits (free/reduced lunch) or live closer than two miles, may purchase a monthly pass directly from Metro Transit. Mileage from the school is determined using the MPS Distance Calculator. WHS Deans can help families determine their eligibility. 
    • Students who receive Special Education services that include transportation accommodations will have access to busing if they inform the district of this request in the MPS Return to Learning Survey. If you have questions specific, contact the Washburn Transporation Coordinator, Missy Lee.
  • Teacher Preparation Week: Per the Governor's directive, teachers will be given a planning week March 29-April 2nd. (This means no school for most students.) This is in addition to their previously scheduled Spring Break week April 5-9th.

  • Return Dates: In-person learning will be begin 4th Quarter. 9th grade students will have an orientation day on 4/12 & 4/15 depending on their hybrid group. See schedule below:

    4/12    Orange Group -- 9th Grade Only (10-12 in DL)
    4/13  Orange Group -- 9th-12th Grades
    4/14  Flex Day at home
     (Periods 1-6 Synchronous from 8:30-11:30; Flex from 12-3pm)
    4/15  Blue Group -- 9th Grade Only (10-12 in DL)
    4/16  Blue Group -- 9th-12th Grades 
  • Q&A sessions: Washburn staff hosted live Q&A Sessions on 3/3 & 3/4 to help families & students make their decision. The recording, along with other useful resources, is posted below:  
    New Q&A doc (as of 3-15-21)
    Video Message from Dr. Palmer for Students about the Return to In-Person Learning
    Welcome Back Video describing in-person learning
    Student Council Questions & Admin Answers Document 
    Live Q&A Session for Students & Families (recorded on 3/3/21)
    Analysis of WHS Building Ventilation Systems (*the "recommended work" listed in the report has been completed)
    In-Person COVID Protocols [link coming soon]f

  • use this form to submit questions -- Please review the above linked information before submitting questions as many will likely be answered in those resources. We will use these questions to help create at Frequently Asked Questions Document.

More info will be added to this page as it comes. Thank you for your patience as we work out the best possible plan for Washburn!