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Media Center BLUE LAB

7:30 Weds Grist
3-5 Weds staff meetings
Office hours: Tues 3-4
8:30 - 9:30 Prep
9:30 - 10:30 Design
10:30 - 11:30 Photoshop
11:30 - 12:30 Photo 1

3rd Lunch
1:05 - 3 IBCP
3 - 4 M/Th ILT, Equity committees
email is the best way to contact me
(612.668.3410 - vm is not working yet)

Class Expectations - Be/Help/Strive
We will be using Google Classroom.
We will be using Virtual Machine.

Photo 1 (Click here for phone friendly syllabus) develope digital communication skills, incorporate arts esthetics. Digital media competencies include: file and image management, Google docs/slides/site, Photoshop. Students use the Design Cycle, and develop a digital portfolio. Also includes career exploration.
Test for college credit.


Photo 2 (Click here for phone friendly syllabus) This course is a continuation of Digital Photography 1. Topics include editing using Adobe Photoshop, further exploration of composition, studio and natural lighting, in-camera image manipulation using manual camera settings and metering modes. Producing images to align with industry standards and current practices.
Test for college credit.

Photoshop (Click here for phone friendly syllabus) This course introduces the student to common features of Adobe Photoshop software and provides daily practice in using the features in order to develop proficiency.  Students will use Adobe Photoshop to create original artwork, manipulate color images, and retouch photographs. Careers in Graphic Arts are explored.
Test for college credit.

Intro to Digital Design - (Click here for phone friendly syllabus) This course will provide a hands-on overview of graphic design and professional design practices. Students will learn and utilize design history and media analysis, vocabulary and language of the discipline, color theory, typography, formalist and post-modern design elements and principles, the design cycle, and cooperative and team work strategies. Students will develop a digital portfolio and explore careers. Students will use Adobe Creative Suite and other layout software, learning file management in a networked environment. Test for college credit.

Career Seminar Portfolio - Per arrangement, independant work - contact Ms. Rome. Prerequisit for Work Experience class. Completed portfolio must be submitted for review - may be reworked if needed.

Click here for College Articulation Instructions (Photo, Photoshop, Design)


University of MN - Twin Cities: BA - Visual Communications and Educational Technology, MEd Career Tech Ed and Art, Work Based Learning Certificate.
Hamline - Urban Educator Certificate.

My mom, dad, and 2 of my 5 kids work(ed) for Minneapolis Public Schools. My parents taught music at Bandcroft and at Burroughs. (My husband and) I have volunteered for MPS since 1990, and I started as an EA and Computer Tech in 1998 (Sigurd Olson, Jordan Park), and as a classrom teacher in 2008 (Henry, NE Middle School, and Washburn.) Our kids attended Edison, Henry, Washburn, and Perpich, then St. Kate's, Hamline, MCTC, UMN Morris, and UMN Twin Cities. I grew up in a 4 generation household, and my mom, two black cats, and one of our adult children live with my husband and I now. Fun fact: as a first grader, I attended a one-room schoolhouse in rural Wisconsin. Ms. Rome's Macaroons

Based on Slow Light concept

"slow glass" Photoshop assignment 
play full sized to see the animation