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My main source of material and due dates is the Google Classroom. Parents can request an invite from the student or me. There is a Google calendar further down (plus an upcoming Agenda to the right), and All handouts are available through your MPS Google Docs!.  So there is NO EXCUSE for not knowing what is going on in class.  Read the Course Syllabus for details about grading. Your WIL question (updated Thursday), important links, and any reminders are also shown to the right.

Friday, May 1, 2020 2:41 PM
That title could reference the Coronavirus, our president's response (or lack thereof), his wacky claims, or just trying to get through our current situation with some sense of sanity.

This past week's content was simply meant to introduce...  more
Friday, April 24, 2020 1:44 PM
WIL 4.1 went live at noon today (structure change & question pasted below).

We also finished up the Week 1 Webinars. There are a few things that need some refinement. So, here are some requests/recommendations:
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020 8:45 AM