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South Africa Support Materials
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1. What was the name of the political party that invented apartheid?
2. Look at the chart entitled “Apartheid and the People of South Africa.” What is your reaction to these statistics?
3. What were three policies instituted by the United Nations to put pressure on South Africa to end apartheid?
4. Look over the United Nations historical pictures of apartheid. Pick two pictures to react to. HINT: Jump around to find pictures from the 1960s-1990s
5. How did apartheid eventually get overturned?
Answer the following questions using the museum gallery:
6. What are the seven fundamental principles of the South African constitution?
7. What do UDF and COSATU stand for? What significance do these organizations hold in the apartheid movement?
8. What is the significance of February 11, 1990?
9. How many South Africans died during the period between February 1990 and April 1994?
10. What happened on April 27, 1994?