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Special Education

The Special Education Department, has a Special Education Lead, which is a teacher who is assuming additional responsibilites.  The contact for questions around special education, qualifications, processes, etc., is Justin Peik.
Phone: 612-668-4000 ext. 42571
Office: Room 312C

At Washburn, there is a continuum of special education services for the students within our different settings:Resource, Autism, and SPAN programming. Students are programmed based on their individual strengths and needs.  The goal in doing a continuum of support is to provide the flexibility and expertise our students need, with regard to receiving the most effective and timely academic and/or behavioral interventions.  Again, this support will not replace their instructional time within the general education classroom, but rather, will give our students the additional tools they will need in order to achieve at the highest level.


9th Grade Course Offerings 2017-2018

The following 9th grade stand-alone resource classes will be offered at Washburn for the 2017-2018 academic school year. I have added a brief description to these courses, so you can get a better idea as to the appropriate placement for your students who will be transitioning to Washburn:


English 9/Honors English 9:
General Education setting. Regular English 9 will be co-taught between SERT and gen. Ed. teacher. IEP adaptations & modifications for reading and/or written expression embedded in the general ed. Curriculum.
There will be no SERT support for students in Honors 9

Fusion I: 
Fusion Reading is a two year program in which students learn a variety of practical reading strategies.
Instructional Method/Assessments: Class will be working on IEP Goals and Objectives
Recommended BackGround for Success:
Successful completion of MS sped. Eng. class

English Strategies 9th Grade:
Students gain essential literacy skills in ELA. Skills in decoding, word breakdown to its smaller components, strategies to increase comprehension, text discussion; writing simple and compound sentences and personal writing are emphasized in this class.
Recommended BackGround for Success:
Successful completion of MS sped. Eng. class

Strategies for Success: (Literacy/Organization/Study Skills)                                
In every educational setting there are students who would benefit from learning, not just, “what to learn but “how to learn.”  The goal of the Strategies for Success class is for the student to develop and apply skills and knowledge so that the student can achieve a greater academic independence.

Research-based learning strategies are incorporated into the Strategies for Success class time with students utilizing curricula from the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) via the Kansas University Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL). This is a credit class that prepares students to develop and implement skills that will to greater academic success.

Intermediate Algebra 9th Grade:
General Education setting. Regular Math 9 will be co-taught between SERT and gen. Ed. teacher. IEP adaptations & modifications for math will be imbedded in the general ed. Curriculum.

Social Success:
Students will develop their social interaction skills and social thinking proficiency


Resource & Autism Depts:

  • Fusion Reading 1
  • Fusion Reading 2
  • English Strategies 1&2
  • English Strategies 3&4
  • Math Strategies 1&2
  • Math Strategies 3&4
  • Strategies For Success
  • Readiness For College-Career WITH Work-Based Learning Experience    *** this is a change from the current WBL/Senior Transitions pairing***
  • Study Habits/Academic Support
  • Social Success