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Spring Comedy Good 'N Plenty runs May 10-13

good n plenty

You won't want to miss the spring comedy Good 'N Plenty, a hysterical play about a high school history teacher who tried to do things differently by teaching democracy to his students through a game based on real-life drug dealing....and the end result was not what he had planned. Shows run Wed, May 10 through Sat, My 13 at 7:00 pm. Come and support the arts! See photos

Cast and Crew:

Jordan Muschler
Maddie Thompson
Claire Voss
Lily Steege
Lucas Woychick
Per Alexander
Lydia Wisti
Alivia Matthews
Lillian Carlson
Joe Parker
Ames Jones
Kelcy Taylor
Hajar Ahmed
Evan Johnson
Christohper Stoner
Jens Johnson
LilyAnne Bernard
Kaitlyn Stewart
Wolfgang Lacey
Lila Sell
Jackson Funk
Sarah Blackburn
Henry Uhler
Jacob Gold
Jackson Cupersmith
Ryan Odermatt
Abby Brauer
Laynie Kelley-Pegg
Elena Vanderah