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document Student Support Team Referral Form 2019-2020

2019-2020 Washburn Student Support Team

Purpose and Scope

Washburn High School’s Student Support Services Team (SST) is a school based problem solving team that will provide systematic early identification, intervention, referral and support when, academic, social and emotional supports are needed for students. The Student Support Services Team will work to remove barriers that disturb, interrupt or distract learners. The team is an integral partner in supporting academic success, social-emotional learning, chemical health and positive school climate. The SST is to serve general education and not Special Education students, as Special Education students have existing supports in place. Our primary goals are to:

  • Respond to teacher, staff and family referrals;
  • Identify struggling students through data review (attendance, behavior referrals and grades);
  • Intervene with these students and provide support, make referrals to outside services as needed;
  • Monitor student progress and re-assess interventions, as needed;

Team Members:

School Counselors:

  • Loretta Collins Grades 9-12 (A-C)
  • Herb Crowell Grades 9-12 (D-HUG)
  • Amy Webster Grades 9-12 (HUH-MOD)
  • John Pemberton Grades 9-12 (MOE-SAM)
  • Teresa Savage Grades 9-12 (SAN-Z)

School Nurse: Denise Schneider

Special Education Coordinator/Facilitator: Justin Piek

School Social Workers: John Jubenville , Marisa Gustafson, Jessica Aamot, Amanda Collier

School Psychologists: Dana Thielen, Jason Kurtz

Deans: Mohamed Ali, Lisa Jensen, Delane Woods, Katelyn Mazzitello

Check and Connect: Mia Austin,

SBC/Psychologist: Shawn Englund-Helmeke

ELL Lead: Ginna Grussing

Administrator: Michelle Terpening