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Student Directed One Acts - Nov. 11-13


Washburn junior, Bella Dawson, directs the One Acts featuring Black Women State Of The Union - Nov. 11-13 at 7 pm at the Ramsey auditorium. 

"Black Women State of the Union" is a collaboration of works from the strong female playwrights

such as Penelope Lowder, Sigirid Gilmer, and Maya Angelou.

Washburn students featured in this production are Jazzinae Patterson, Enyla Gregory, MaAliyah Davis, Kylie Burge, William Watkins, Diarra, Cashmere, Mikia Madison, Tattiani Ferreria, & Lineya Marrow-Fort.

This One Act celebrates Black Women as a complex and resilient people while promoting a greater understanding of Black Women's significant contribution to the world. Our goal is to initiate an environment of self love and empowerment for Black Women along with exposing people of
all walks of life to the Black Woman's experience.

We would all like to thank the playwrights and all others involved in the original production of BWSOTU for allowing us to stage their play and share in the community and love that has come along with it.