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Testing Information

Please know...

If you have any questions about standardized tests or surveys - feel free to contact Tara Mennitt. phone: 612.668.3509 email:

If you have questions about the PSAT or ACT - feel free to contact Tara Mennitt or the student's counselor.

Questions about AP and IB Testing should be directed to Washburn's Advanced Academics Coordinator - Aaron Percy.


Spring Testing

MAP Testing - Grade 9


9th Graders will take the MAP test in their English and Physical Science classes during the month of May.

They will take the READING MAP test on May 15 and May 16 in their English classes.

They will take the MATH MAP test on May 20 and May 21 in their Physical Science classes.

These are untimed tests that give students an idea of the reading and math progress over the course of the school year. The MAP test scores correlate to ACT scores. Find out more information here: .

There will be makeups available on May 17 (reading), May 22 (math).



MCA Testing

The MCA testing window closed Friday, May 3.  Students will receive their official score reports at the start of the 2019-2020 schoolyear.



Students will receive their score reports via MAIL 2-8 weeks from the test date.  If students already have an online ACT account, they should be able to link their April 24 test event with their online account after they receive their score.

ACT National Dates

There are National Saturday ACT testing dates during the Spring 2019.  Students will need to register for these dates independently and there is a fee associated with them.  If students have questions about this test and the registration process, it is recommeded they go to the CCC or to their Counselor.  

The dates for the Saturday test are as follows:

April 13. Register by March 8

June 8. Register by May 3

July 13. Register by June 14


Concerning Students with Accommodations (IEPs or 504s)

It is recommended students with approved ACT accommodations, register for Saturday test dates early and check in with Mr. Kurtz or Ms. Mennitt concerning their accommodations being associated with any upcoming test events they have registered for.

Concerning Students with EL Supports

It is recommended students with EL supports register for the Saturday test dates early and check in with Ms. Mennitt concerning their supports being associated with any upcoming test events they have registered for.

EL supports will expire in July 2019.  Students will need to reapply for EL supports if they plan on taking the ACT in Fall 2019 (September, October, December).  If a student has questions about this, they should see Ms. Grussing or Ms. Mennitt.



Parent Right to Refuse Information

Parents have the right to refuse standardized testing.  Please see the attached MDE documents for further information.

PDF Parent Refusal Form   --  Please download this form and return to Tara Mennitt if you are choosing to opt your student out of standardized testing.
PDF MPS Medical Excuse Form   --  Please sign and return this form if your student should be medically excused from standardized testing.
document PSAT Permission Slip   --  Please return this to Tara Mennitt by 10/17.