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Unit 1 - Sequences and Series

PDF 1.1.1 - Recursive Sequences introduction   --  In this .pdf we were introduced to recursive sequences. 1 Identifying patterns 2. Identifying different representations of recursive sequences 3. Writing a recursive function for an Arithmetic sequence.
PDF 1.1.2 - Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences   --  In this .pdf. We cover: 1. The general function for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences. 2. The formulas for identifying a specific term for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences.
PDF 1.2.1 - Modeling Growth and Decay   --  In this .pdf we took real life situations and converted them into geometric sequences by identifying: 1. Initial Value 2. Common Ratio 3. Specific Term We also learned a new form for ratio depending on whether there is growth or decay: Growth: r = (1 + % as a decimal) Decay: r = (1 - % as a decimal)
PDF 1.3.1 - A Look at Limits   --  In this .pdf we explored the "long run behavior" (limit) of a shifted geometric sequence. Skills acquired during this lesson included: 1. Identifying the new recursive Sequence (Shifted Geometric) 2. Finding the limit of the Shifted Geometric the 'long' way *pressing enter on the calculator over and over* 3. Finding the limit of the Shifted Geometric using our prior Algebra Skills (solving for a single variable on both sides of the equality sign) *P.E.MD.AS*
PDF 1.4.1 - Graphing Sequences   --  In this .pdf we learned how to observe graphs of sequences and use the following seven (7) vocabulary words to describe them. Arithmetic, Geometric, Shifted Geometric, Increasing, Decreasing, Linear, Non-Linear.
PDF 1.5.1 - Loans and Investments   --  In this .pdf we learned about how loans and investments follow a geometric sequence. Where loans are usually compounded monthly so we have to divide the (percent as a decimal) by 12 (twelve months in a year). Finally, when (+) d means adding money to an investment (savings account) and (-) d means 'paying off' money as in paying off a loan.
PDF Unit 1 Test Review   --  This .pdf is the review of the past topics in Unit 1.