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Unit 1 - Sequences and Series

PDF 1.1.1 - Begin Sequences   --  In this .pdf we began discussing sequences and their different representations.
PDF 1.1.2 - Creating Sequences   --  In this .pdf we begin creating sequences and functions for these sequences.
PDF 1.1.3 - Arithmetic Sequences   --  In this .pdf we formalized Arithmetic Sequences as well as discovered the equation for finding any term within an arithmetic sequence.
PDF 1.1.4 - Geometric Sequences   --  In this .pdf we discovered Geometric Sequences, its general term formula, and various algebraic problems which accompany them.
PDF 1.3.1 - A Look At Limits   --  In this .pdf, we worked with the concept of limits in reference to shifted geometric sequences.
PDF 1.4.1 - Graphing Sequences   --  In this .pdf we uncovered the differences between graphing a function and graphing a sequence. We also learned 7 words (in 3 tiers) on how to describe a given sequence graph?