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Unit 1 - Sequences and Series

PDF 1.1.1 - Sequence Review   --  In this .pdf we reviewed, described and continued sequences. Sequences are described as a list of numbers with a set pattern between terms.
PDF 1.1.2 - Specific Term/ Arithmetic Sequence   --  In this .pdf we discovered the formula for arithmetic sequences and how to find specific terms. We also practiced proving a sequence is arithmetic and proving whether a number is a term within the sequence.
PDF 1.1.3 - Comparing Arithmetic Sequences with Linear Functions   --  In this .pdf we did as the title says "Compared Arithmetic Sequences with Linear Functions"
PDF 1.2.1 - Geometric Sequences   --  In this .pdf we explored Geometric Sequences and various algebraic problems which accompany them.
PDF 1.2.3 - Compound Interest   --  In this .pdf we work with compound interest as it pertains to money and banking accounts.
PDF 1.3.1 - Arithmetic Series   --  In this .pdf we defined Series and focused on Arithmetic Series.