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Unit 1 - Lines and Angles

Here are online resources, notes, classwork and homework assignments for Unit 1.

Construction Tutorials

Website showing the steps needed to write the equation of a perpendicular bisector.






Monday 8/27 Topic: Get to know yas Get syllabus signed
Due Friday 8/31
Tuesday 8/28 Topic: Flag Symmetry  
Wednesday 8/29 Topic: Ruler and Compass Practice  
Thursday 8/30 Topic: Begin Mandala Project Mandala Project
Due Tuesday 9/4
Friday 8/31 Topic: Finish Mandala Project
LT 1.1 Building Blocks of Geometry Classwork
Answer Key
Tuesday 9/4 9th Grade Assembly in Auditorium  
Wednesday 9/5 Topic: LT 1.1 Defining, Marking, and Using Notation for Basic Geometric Terms LT 1.1 Basic Geometry Terms wkst
Due Thursday 9/6
Thursday 9/6 Topic: LT 1.1 Writing Good Definitions and Checking for Counterexamples LT 1.1 Good Definitions wkst
Due Friday 9/7
Friday 9/7 Topic: LT 1.1 Inductive Reasoning  
Monday 9/10 Topic: LT 1.1 Deductive Reasoning, Conjectures, and Construction 1  
Tuesday 9/11 Topic: LT 1.1 Constructions 2-4
Begin working on the Construction Journal
Construction Journal
Due Monday 10/29
Wednesday 9/12 Topic: LT 1.2 Naming and Measuring Angles LT 1.2 Intro to Angles Practice wkst
Due Friday 9/14
Thursday 9/13 Selvaag Gone  
Friday 9/14 Topic: LT 1.2 Defining Types of Angles and Angle Relationships LT 1.2 Beginning Angle Relationships wkst
Due Monday 9/17
Monday 9/17 Topic: LT 1.2 Angle Properties with Parallel Lines LT 1.2 More Angle Relationships wkst
Due Tuesday 9/18
Tuesday 9/18 Topic: LT 1.2 Angle Properties with Algebra  
Wednesday 9/19 Topic: Constructions 6-7
Review for LT 1.1-1.2 Assessments
LT 1.1-1.2 Review and Answer Key
Thursday 9/20 LT 1.1-1.2 ASSESSMENTS  
Friday 9/21 Topic: Construction 5
Continue working on the Construction Journal
Monday 9/24 Topic: LT 1.3 Slope and Coordinate Midpoint Property LT 1.3 Slope and Coordinate Midpoint Property wkst
Due Tuesday 9/25
Tuesday 9/25 Topic: LT 1.3 Parallel and Perpendicular Slope LT 1.3 Parallel and Perpendicular Slope wkst
Due Wednesday 9/26
Wednesday 9/26 Topic: LT 1.3 Writing Linear Equations LT 1.3 Writing Linear Equations wkst
Due Friday 9/28
Thursday 9/27 Topic: LT 1.3 Writing Equation of a Perpendicular Bisector  
Friday 9/28 Topic: LT 1.3 Writing Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Practice Activity  
Monday 10/1 Topic: LT 1.3 Linear Function Rules LT 1.3 Linear Function Rules wkst
Due Tuesday 10/1
Tuesday 10/2 Topic: LT 1.3 Non-Linear Function Rules
Handshake Problem
LT 1.3 Linear and Non-Linear Function Rules wkst
Due Wednesday 10/2
Wednesday 10/3 Review for LT 1.3 Assessment
LT 1.3 Review and Answer Key
Thursday 10/4 LT 1.3 ASSESSMENT  

Unit 1 Documents: