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Unit 2 - Families of Functions

PDF 2.1.1 - Interpreting Graphs   --  In this .pdf we were given graphs and asked to write a story, given a story and asked to interpret its meaning and create a graph representing the data, asked to define our 6 words: Maximum, Minimum, Range, Domain, Intervals of Increase, and Intervals of Decrease.
PDF 2.2.1 - Function Notation   --  In this .pdf we began using f(x) pronounced 'f of x' notation for functions.
PDF 2.3.1 & 2.4.1 - Quadratics and Translations   --  In this .pdf we took the translation information we learned previously (left, right, up, down) and applied it specifically to Quadratics.
PDF 2.5.1 & 2.5.2 - Square Roots   --  In this .pdf we explored the translations of the Square Root function. Also we introduced REFLECTIONS around the Y-AXIS and X-AXIS. I cannot repeat enough, the reflection rules of the 'negative outside or inside' apply to all of the functions we will be working with.
PDF 2.6.1 - Absolute Value - Stretch and Shrink   --  In this .pdf we have Absolute Value Graphs. The new concept is stretching and shrinking of a function. By having a number greater than 0 we shrink the graph; however, if we have a number less than 0 we stretch the graph. REMEMBER, EVERYTHING ON THESE SLIDES CAN BE APPLIED TO THE OTHER FUNCTIONS WE WORKED WITH.