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Unit 3 - Exponential, Power, and Logarithm Functions

PDF 3.1.1 - Exponential, Power, and Logarithm Function   --  In this .pdf we took our prior knowledge of sequences and series and transitioned into functions.
PDF 3.2.1 - Properties of Exponents   --  In this .pdf we talk about the different properties of Exponents which will help you simplify Expressions.
PDF 3.3.1 - Rational Exponents and Roots   --  in this .pdf we covered roots and their application to the reverse of 'power to a power property'
PDF 3.3.2 - Converting Exponential to Radical Form   --  In this .pdf we are converting from Exponential form to Radical form and vice versa. Using the properties shown in .pdf (3.2.1).
PDF 3.5.1 - Inverse Functions   --  In this .pdf we covered how to find the inverse of a function by: 1. Changing f(x) to y 2. Solving for x 3. Switching (x) for (y) 4. Changing y to f^-1(x)
PDF 3.6.1 - Logarithms   --  In this .pdf we cover the basics of converting exponential form to logarithmic form.
PDF 3.6.2 - Solving Logarithms   --  In this .pdf we learned how to Solve for (x) in Exponential Functions using Logarithms
PDF 3.7.1 - Properties of Logarithms   --  In this .pdf, we learned the different properties of logarithms. How to expand them, collapse them, and change between the two.
PDF Unit 3 Test Review   --  In this .pdf we have the review of what is on the test.