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Advanced Algebra
Unit 3

PDF Unit 3: Learning Targets   --  Please make sure you know all the learning targets.
PDF Unit 3: Homework Assignment #1   --  Exponent Rules Homework
PDF Unit 3: Homework Assignment #2   --  You should know your exponent rules.
PDF Unit 3: Homework #3   --  Page 256 #1-4
PDF Classwork: I can simplify exponents   --  These are problems that we have done in class.
PDF Classwork: I can solve Power Functions   --  These are power function examples that we worked on in class.
PDF Practice Quiz   --  You should do this practice quiz at home.
PDF Classwork: I can write the equation of Curve   --  Notes and practice problems for how to write the equation of a curve
PDF Classwork: I can find the Inverse   --  Work from class on how we found the Inverse
PDF Classwork: Review of Exponents and Power Functions   --  This is a review of Exponents and Power functions that we did in class.
PDF Classwork: Introduction to Log Functions   --  This is the introduction to Log functions. A log is the inverse of the exponential function.
PDF Classwork: intorduction to Log rules   --  You should know these log rules.
PDF Classwork: Working with Log Rules   --  I can use log rules to simplify an expression involving logs.
PDF Review For Unit 3 test   --  You should work through all of these problems to be ready for the test on Friday
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