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Unit 4 - Quadratics

PDF 4.1.1 - Polynomial Degree and Finite Differences   --  In this .pdf, we defined Polynomial(s) and found two ways to Identify the degree of the polynomial. One by looking at a polynomial expression or function and one through Finite Differences (given a table of values).
PDF 4.2.1 - Different Quadratic Forms   --  In this .pdf we learned about the three different forms of quadratics. General, Vertex, and Factored.
PDF 4.3.1 - Converting Between Quadratic Forms   --  In this .pdf, we explore converting from both Vertex Form and Factored Form TO General (Standard) Form.
PDF 4.3.2 - Converting Between Quadratic Forms Pt 2   --  In this .pdf, we explored the conversion FROM General TO Vertex and Factored Form
PDF 4.4.1 - Quadratic Formula   --  In this .pdf we discovered the quadratic formula and how to plug our a,b, and c from the general form to solve for the x-intercepts.
PDF 4.4.2 - Quadratic Formula w/ Step-By-Step   --  In this .pdf we continue the exploration and practice of the quadratic formula. We specifically cover a new and efficient step-by-step to solve using the quadratic formula.
PDF 4.5.1 - Complex Numbers   --  In this .pdf we discovered a way to take the square root of a negative number. By simplifying radicals and given the information (square root of negative one is equal to 'i') we are now able to solve for negative square roots. Fascinating isn't it!
PDF 4.5.2 - Operations with Complex Numbers   --  In this .pdf we practiced adding, subtracting, and multiplying Complex (Imaginary) numbers.
PDF 4.6.1 - Quadratics and Complex Numbers   --  In this .pdf we combined our knowledge of the quadratic formula and imaginary numbers.
PDF Quadratic Forms Notesheet   --  Here is the completed note sheet involving all three forms of quadratics and how to transition between them