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Washburn Senior High School - deeply connected to the community and the City of Minneapolis as history tells...

About the Washburn namesake and other trivia.

Washburn High School was named for a pioneer in the Minneapolis flour milling industry, Mr. Cadwallader C. Washburn. C. C. Washburn and his partners founded a mill company on the west bank of the Mississippi River utilizing the water power generated by St. Anthony Falls. In addition to investing in a variety of business ventures, Mr. Washburn served as a major general in the Civil War, as a senator in the U. S. Congress, and as a governor of Wisconsin. Because his permanent residence was in Wisconsin rather than in Minnesota, he convinced his brother William to manage the mill operation.

In 1880, the flour milled at the Washburn mill won the gold medal (best in the world) at the Cincinnati Millers Exhibition; thus, the mills flour became known as Gold Medal Flour and was sold in its characteristic blue and orange bags.

In the milling industry, C. C. Washburn was known for utilizing innovative techniques. Through milling and other ventures, he amassed a sizeable fortune. The milling company he formed with partner John Crosby later became General Mills and was also the parent company of radio station WCCO with the call letters formed from the first letters of Washburn-Crosby Company.

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