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Web Pages for Teachers

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One Page Cheat Sheet

- The school district has used Urban Planet to host teacher, school and district web pages since 2003.

- To edit your page login at:
- Your username is first.last (You don’t have to type in the (Username and password are not the same as your district username and password)
- You can change you password by clicking on Settings
- If you don’t know your password, let me know and I can reset it, and send you a new password (This is independent of your district password.)
Green means your page is visible, Red means your page is off and cannot be viewed (Click red/green button to turn it on or off) 
How to Edit a page:
- Click Edit and type what you want on the page
- Click Save to save your page
- Click View Site to view your page
- Click the back arrow
- Click Edit to continue editing
Some things to include on your web page:
- Type your name and what you do
Section Intro:
- An inspiring quote
- Best way to contact you by phone or email
- Your background - Where you went to school, degrees, licenses. 
I have taught at Washburn since _____.
- Courses you are teaching and your syllabi
- Personal info (optional)
Add Subsections for your classes
Here are some examples: