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4.4 Exporting Democracy

What obligation does the United States have in promoting democracy?  Can democracy be “exported” or must it emerge from within a nation?  Are governments either democratic or undemocratic, or is there a spectrum?  Or, simply consider the USA's role as the world's "policeman" since WWII.  Was it justified and does it continue to be so?  What ramifications are there if the USA reverts to isolationist polcies?  Consider India as well.

4.3 Mo' Money

You have a (legal) opportunity to make more money than your fellow workers, but it involves a degree of deception (lying - hiding the truth).  Do you do it?  Explain your reasoning.

4.2 Money

Is money more of a burden or a benefit?  Consider what people do to get more.  Kill.  Rescue.  Cheat.  Loan.  Steal.  Donate.  Bribe.  Save.  Look into how it changes people when they either gain or lose large amounts.  Like religion, it creates extra support, but also divides people from one another.  Consider Goldilocks, taxation, interest (banking), and value (personal and societal).  

4.1 Cold War Blame & Responsibility

Consider the beginning of the Cold War.  Accepting it as a 2-sided conflict with multiple perspectives therein, which "side" is more to blame and should be held responsible for the five decades of political, economic, and militaristic hostilities around the world?  Justify your answer with sufficient evidence and acknowledge opposing viewpoints.  Simple, 3-5 paragraph essay response should suffice.  1 page.  Single-Spaced.  12-point font.  1-inch margins.  Name in TR Corner.

3.5 & 3.6 Positive Communism

Are there any positives to 20thC Communism?  There have been various interpretations/versions of the Marx/Engels philosophy.  What has worked?  What is possible, but suffered from poor implementation or management?  If nothing, simply spew forth Ayn Rand quotes.

3.EC1 Labor

Which type of intensive labor you would prefer to carry out during your lifetime: physical or mental?

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