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1.1 Failure
  1. Tell me the basics about yourself. Achievements, background, experiences, family, faults, interests, skills, etc.
  2. What do you like about school? Is there something specific about history (concepts, events, people, etc.)? Make this POSITIVE!
  3. What is your current (and most-assuredly-to-change) life plan? What will your life be like in 10, 20, 30 years? How will you get to that point?
  4. What is FAILURE? Share a time when you have FAILED at something - preferably something academic.  Write about the whole process, but focus on the outcome.  How did you FEEL?  What did you do in order to get over the disappointment, shame, anger, frustration, sadness, you-name-it?  Did you learn anything from the experience (how-to, process, systemic, or about yourself)?
  5. Conclude with whatever you like. Consider telling me something about yourself that is not covered elsewhere. Concerns? Fears? Secret superpower?