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WIL Assignment Description
You will have to take 15-30 minutes at the end of every week to write your Weekly WIL. Basically, reflect on what you did and what you gained (if anything) from being in my class during the past week. Go through your notes and/or check the blog.  Then write about what you learned. 
You will get a question every week to help you organize & process what we did during the week. That means that you cannot simply answer the question. 
My advice is to plan out a 5-paragraph essay including the following components (See addendum if you are dual-enrolled in BOTH of Romo’s TOK 2 & IB Americas courses):
1. What Knowledge Claims were presented in class – explicitly or implicitly? Unpack a lesson, activity, reading, video, or even a conversation in classItalicize your Knowledge Claim(s).

2. Develop a Knowledge Question derived from such Knowledge Claims and explore it within the TOK world, analyzing it using TOK tools and sharing at least two different perspectives therein. Highlight your KQ.

3. Apply your KQ to other Real Life Situation(s) outside of school - outcomes from your KQ analysis.

4. How have you used TOK outside of class this past week?  How have you thought of or used it in other academic courses.  If you are a DUO, please do not reference IB Americas – I know how we use TOK!

5. Conclusion - how might have you changed since your previous WIL?  What did you like and/or not like from the week? Also make a declaration of academic achievement – what is your LEARNER grade?

Your 5-point score will simply reflect the content of each paragraph - grammar and spelling do not count, but since you have to type it, I would hope you fix what comes up). 
There is no RIGHT or WRONG and Weekly WILs will be scored using the following scale: 
5 = All five components are addressed in an organized manner with relevant information presented and explored in class. 
4 = Missing one of the five components, but is organized with relevant information. 
3 = Missing two components or not organized with relevant information. 
2 = Missing at least two components and not organized with relevant information. 
1 = Only answered the weekly question or one other component. 
0 = No WIL was submitted on time. 

It MUST BE TYPED and reasonably formatted (12 point, familiar font, double-spaced) & PRINTED!

It is DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS EVERY FRIDAY, but I will accept them at the beginning of class Monday, or on the first day of the following week with no penalty. The absolutely LAST DAY to submit one is TUESDAY of the following week.

LATE WILs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. You must have a hard copy printed and it must be submitted by the beginning of class. These are in-the-moment reflections which cannot be replicated after too many days of inattention.

Plan ahead and do not procrastinate – that is part of the lesson objective.

Students with an excused absence must submit the Weekly WIL upon first day back.

This is not meant to be a burden.  500 words* = 1-2 pages MAX!  Try to have some fun with this.

Those who actually ponder and reflect...then write usually gain the most from this assignment. 

You are also encouraged to discuss your KQ with peers, parents, and others.

Title your WIL accordingly (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6) with your name, date, and class period.

TOK2.# WIL Q.# Last, First

Where the first # is class period, Q = quarter (1,2,3,4), and the last # is WIL # (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

If you have questions…ASK!