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Winter Concerts & Auditorium Re-opening: Dec. 14 & 15


Grand Re-opening of Washburn’s Historic Auditorium

(December 14 & 15)

Washburn High School is thrilled to announce that our recent auditorium renovations are complete after 6 months of dedicated workmanship. The Washburn Auditorium is one of the oldest theaters in Minneapolis, built in 1925. The space is special because it has maintained its original look and design features by being restored and renovated, not remodeled. There have been no renovations since the midcentury and therefore updates were much needed. Having recently completed work on the theater, we can now boast a new lighting system, a new sound system, all new seating creating a capacity of 1100, new stage floor, new carpet, new sound boards, and restoration of art-deco plaster. These improvements bring the theater back to its original glory allowing our beautiful space to continue to be an asset to the students at Washburn and the surrounding community as well. 

Washburn has been showcasing student performers for 90 years. Our historic space has housed operas, plays, musicals, glee clubs, a cappella groups, men’s choirs, women’s choirs, combined choirs, bands, and orchestras. In the 1930’s Washburn was known for its spectacular music programs drawing in people from all over the city to hear their Christmas Programs. Washburn’s first principal, A.E. MacQuarrie, was known to say, “Washburn is a singing school.” How right he was and the tradition continues!

We cordially invite community members to attend our Re-opening ceremonies on Dec. 14 & Dec. 15 in conjunction with our Winter Holiday Concerts at 7:00pm each evening (12/14 Choral & Guitar Concert and 12/15 Band & Orchestra Concert). You can come see the beautiful renovated auditorium, enjoy talented student performers, and watch as former music teacher, Bill Lydell, receives the first annual Washburn Arts Council award for outstanding accomplishments and influence in the arts at Washburn.