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Washburn Writing Lab

During our time away from Washburn, students are invited to share their written work with Ms. Mennitt digitally.  Please share Google Documents with AND email her giving detail around timeline and expectations.


Services offered:

  • Pre-writing techniques and brainstorming
  • Organizing and outlining rough drafts
  • Proofreading for grammar and mechanics
  • Editing form and style
  • Work on citations, references, and bibliography/works cited pages
  • Polishing final drafts to turn in

What kinds of writing can I complete in the Writing Lab:

  • Any assigned writing assignment from class (not just English!)
  • College/scholarship application essays
  • Job essays/applications
  • Personal statements or writing
  • Business letters


Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments:

(612) 668-3509  or (email)


Located in the Media Center during Period 4 (drop-ins)

To make a specific appointment with Ms. Mennitt, go here:

Appointments are regularly available period 4.

Limited appointments are available during periods 5, 6, and after-school.

Students working on a writing assignment (including college application essays, scholarships, or job application essays/responses) can access Washburn’s Writing Lab in the Media Center.  The best way to connect with Ms. Mennitt and be productive with our shared time is to make an appointment ahead of time.




Quicktime videos will download, then hit play!  Make sure sound is on.

How to... Correctly format a MLA Works Cited Page   --  In this video, watch Ms. Mennitt format a Works Cited page in MLA Style.  She pays attention to ABC, deals with a source with no author and tells you how to indent correctly!

quicktime How to ... MLA format   --  In this video, watch Ms. Mennitt set up a Google document for writing an essay or paper using correct MLA format.
quicktime How to ... In-text citation (direct quotation)   --  In this video, watch Ms. Mennitt show you how to complete an MLA in-text citation.
quicktime How to... In-text citation (indirect quotation)   --  In this video, Ms. Mennitt will show you how to do an in-text citation when you've already cited the author. You will also learn when to cite a source if you're not using a direct quotation.
quicktime How to... In-text Citations (no author, not a book)   --  In this video, watch Ms. Mennitt cite from a source without a named author. The source is a video, so it includes how to correctly timestamp.