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Kevin Zonnefeld, Social Studies

I want to start by telling you a little bit about myself and who I am. I am a farm boy from rural Iowa who has spent the last eleven years of my life either living here in the Twin Cities or in Managua, Nicaragua.  I have also spent those last years with my wonderful partner who works as a Social Worker at Justice Page Middle School.  We have one amazing daughter.

I love black coffee (my first business adventure was actually co-owning and managing a coffee shop), cooking, reading, biking, running, music, writing, traveling and am a current events junky. 

During my first experience at Washburn, I worked as a Special Education Assistant (SEA) in the Federal Setting 3 program from 2007-2010.  During that time I completed my Master's program and then began to teach at the University level in Nicaragua.  I returned to Washburn in 2016 as a part of the Social Studies Department.  This year I am teaching 9th grade Human Geography and two elective courses within the department: African American Ethnic Studies and Chican@/Latin@ Ethnic Studies.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out and get into contact with me at



document Unit 1 Review Guide   --  A guide to help you study for your upcoming test covering the basics of Human Geography.
PDF Unit 1 Summative Instructions   --  The instructions for your Unit 1 Summative Project that is due on September 26th.
document Unit 1 Summative Project - Extra US Maps   --  If you need an additional map, here is a basic US map to use for your summative Project.
document Unit 2 Notes   --  These are the first notes for Unit 2 - Populations and Migration
document Migration Notes for Unit II   --  All the key terms for Unit II as they relate to Migration.
document Immigrant Interview and Instructions   --  Your summative assignment for Unit II is your immigrant interview. Here are all the details and a partial example of what you need to get done! Happy interviews.
document Push and Pull Case Studies   --  Personal reflections and studies related to the push and pull factors that lead towards the reasons for migrating.
document Unit 3 Notes   --  These are the first set of vocab notes for our unit 3 study of culture.
document American Devolution Summative Assignment   --  This document is the culminating summative project for Unit 4: Political Geography. You should use it along with the following blank map and thematic maps.